Official WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp comparison

When it comes to messaging apps, majority of people like to use WhatsApp. That is because many don’t know about GB WhatsApp. But some people want more features and choices. Therefore, they look at apps like GB WhatsApp. Following is a comparison of major differences between these two apps.

GB WhatsApp unique features

It is in high demand due to more features. GB WhatsApp has extra features you as compared WhatsApp. For example, it has more control over privacy settings. You can hide when you’re online or read messages. Also, you can change how it looks with different colors and styles by using different themes. Moreover, its easier to send bigger files, videos, and pictures. It even has features like stopping people from deleting messages and scheduling messages for later. Download GB WhatsApp for free.

Official WhatsApp focuses on Basics

WhatsApp keeps things simple. It lets you send messages, make calls, and share stuff. But it does not have all the extra things like GB WhatsApp.


Privacy Settings: GB WhatsApp lets you hide when you’re online and read messages. Regular WhatsApp doesn’t have as many options.

Customization: GB WhatsApp lets you change how it looks with different colors and styles. Regular WhatsApp doesn’t have many options for that.

Sharing: With GB WhatsApp, you can send bigger files and videos. Regular WhatsApp has limits on how big things can be.

Extra Features: GB WhatsApp can stop people from deleting messages and schedule messages for later. Regular WhatsApp doesn’t have those features.

Choose What is Best for You

Deciding between GB WhatsApp and regular WhatsApp depends on what you like. If you want more choices and features, GB WhatsApp is better. But if you like things simple and a no-risk approach, regular WhatsApp is good enough. Keep in mind that GB WhatsApp has a lot of security issues and risk and if you are serious about your privacy then stick to the WhatsApp downloaded from Play Store.

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